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Real With Melanie

May 6, 2019

In today’s conversation we kick off the Mental Health Month Series with my friend Richard Taylor, Jr. Richard’s story of overcoming morbid obesity, depression, suicide, failing in college and domestic abuse, have struck a change within people throughout different walks of life. His message breaks cultural boundaries and challenges bias social norms. Richard inspires the masses to tap into their inner potential to create the change they want to see.


In his new book, The Other Side: Freedom from Depression and Suicide, Richard guides us through some of the practices that helped him pursue his freedom from depression, along with his attempts and thoughts of suicide. Richard helps the reader dissect the feelings and emotions that we harbor from the pains of life and provides a simplistic approach to conquer them. Understanding that we don’t have to continue to relinquish our power to issues that have held our lives hostage for far too long, Richard translates these small practices into a big purpose that will impact and inspire readers of all ages to learn to live a fruitful life on the other side.


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