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Real With Melanie

Jan 21, 2019

In today’s episode, we have Marina Howard, a holistic health coach and lifestyle photographer. Marina helps us understand the difference between goals and intentions, the importance of embracing multiple passions and how her faith has grown through prayer which has led to hearing God’s voice during journaling. We end the episode with some great encouragement about the shift happening in 2019 and the remnant that’s rising up!!


My favorite nuggets:

4:50 Embracing being multi-passionate.

9:25 Identifying when goals feel like we are suffocating and how to shift that.

10:18 The reason intentions are better than goals is because it’s a mindset, not a time constraint.

15:00 How to have a healthy relationship with food.

19:00 If you don’t feed your mind, your motivation decreases.

23:45 You can’t grow, what you do not measure.

33:00 Hearing God’s voice during journaling

37:05 We talk about the shift happening in the spirit realm and the remnant rising up

38:45 Faith in action: mic drop moment about speaking your passion into existence



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