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Real With Melanie

Feb 18, 2019

Today I have a conversation with my new friend Prophetess Michelle McClain Walters. I met Prophetess Michelle at a conference a month ago and her testimony and passion for women truly captivated my heart!! Today she shares with us how to discern our calling and how God ministers to us in seasons to get us to our destiny.


My favorite nuggets:

6:48 How the call of God is progressive and he uses our everyday experience

9:51 Bible Verse Correction: Galatians 6:9

17:05 God has already fashioned our days’

19:08 The hour of righteousness

21:44 Knowing primary assignment

24:40 Becoming: Tool to help you answer the call to BECOME like Esther, a Woman of Prayer, Courage, & Influence; like Deborah, a Woman of Wisdom & Discernment; like Ruth, a Woman of Faith, Virtue, and Destiny?

33:35 Advice to those that want to write a book

35:20 Faith in action is simply believing that HE IS and rest in the promises of God

38:10 Special announcement about life changes in the very near future


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