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Real With Melanie

Jan 28, 2019

Losing her husband caused Cristina Mendez to hit the lowest of the lows but never allowed her worship to cease because through that worship God healed her bone by bone. It was through that roar inside that the Lioness stood strong and understood who she was. It was through her roar of worship that she is being restored.


My Favorite Nuggets:


6:45 Her definition of intimate worship

9:30 How God prepares our hearts for our suddenly’s

15:05 The ugly part of the journey and the plan she had to carry through

17:40 The importance of raising our children in the gospel

27:25 Be willing to pay the price for the Job 42 experience

27:55 Whispers of the enemy 

29:25 Weak and wounded people speak from a broken place



33:49 It’s through a place of brokenness that we get to pour out our oil 

41:20 Her unfamiliar start with newly dating

50:33 Having to re-learn to parent

55:22 Are you willing to be okay with God’s re-direct in our lives?

57:20 Faith without action is pointless


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